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zelda 64: the beta remade

27 Jun

Whoo, a project announcement!

So a little background info:

If you’re a big enough Ocarina of Time fan, you’ll know that its beta is pretty famous. The final game ended up being much different from how it was originally imagined. Hyrule Castle Town was a huge, fully 3D and explorable city, the Lost Woods was actually a forest of trees, the Spiritual Stones went into the Ocarina (as shown above) and there a few more dungeons. In fact, text that reads “Wind Medallion” and “Ice Medallion” can be found in the final build, suggesting that some dungeons got removed pretty late into the development.

Also, Link's sleeves/pants were brown.

I won’t go on and on, but if you want some more info on the beta, you can check it out here.

This idea of recreating the beta isn’t new, as there was a previous project by Team Beta Triforce called the Beta Restoration. Unfortunately, they lost too many members and were forced to drop it (or so I heard). So a friend and I were fascinated by the idea of remaking the beta solely based off of known information from interviews, screenshots, videos, etc. This information isn’t complete, of course, leaving a lot of room to be creative.

Wait, he clearly has no pants on here.

We haven’t gotten very far, but I’ll divulge some information on what we’re gonna do with this…

This isn’t a hack.

The game will be built up from scratch on XNA with C#, and to save time, considering it’s just the two of us, we’ll be stealing as many models as we can from different sources.

We’re planning to update the look of it so it’ll have the same graphical quality as Ocarina 3D, and we’re hoping to update the music.

And, as well as having new dungeons and areas, we’re planning to redesign everything. This means it’ll feel like a whole new game. There’ll be new puzzles that use new items/mechanics, and the maps will be new.

Of course, we’ll be sticking to the info we have as much as possible, but there aren’t many screenshots of dungeons, leaving us with a lot of creative freedom.

I don't even know where this is, beta Deku Tree, perhaps?

We’re planning to release the game in parts, as an episodic game. This will allow us to easily get opinions on what we’ve done and provide us with lots of play testers, haha.

So yeah, let me know what you think of the project.

We aren’t looking for people to join the “team,” before you ask. What we are looking for, however, are people who can make (and remix) music, since neither of us have the knowledge; as well as people who have a model they think can fit into the game (we don’t need a dedicated modeler, though we’ll accept them if you have them). If you can help in either of these ways, then drop us an email at

Thanks everyone!


band spotlight: tahiti 80 and freelance whales

26 Jun

I love music, as I’m sure lots of people do. Because of this, I want to have a series of sorts where I’ll show off relatively unknown bands that I love and want others to love just as much.

My taste for music has changed a lot of the years. In middle school, I really loved punk rock, but now I’m into those really chill sounding alternative rock bands. I can’t even really explain it, as you can see, haha. So today, I want to put the spotlight onto Tahiti 80, a French band (that sings in English, of course) that happens to be one of my favorite bands, and Freelance Whales, a band I found out about recently.

Tahiti 80

As I’ve mentioned, they are French. To be specific, they come from Paris and Rouen and were formed in the mid-90’s. They have released 4 albums and 9 EP’s. Although they’re French, they prefer to sing in English… and they are popular in Japan. For whatever reason.

For these band spotlights, I would like to avoid going on and on about their background and instead focus on the music, since that’s what most people care about anyway. So Tahiti 80’s music. It’s very pop-rock, but I feel that because they’re foreign, there’s a different feel to it. They sing about standard stuff like love and heartbreak, but a lot of the lyrics seem really odd. This isn’t bad though. Things are said differently and in a different way, which I think makes their English songs distinctive from American or English bands.

This is one of their first songs. It’s a bit more pop-y than later songs, but it shows another thing I want to point out. Each of their songs manages to sound different. Even the vocals take on a different sound in each song. Overall, Tahiti 80 manages to sound different from other bands, and even from themselves, ha.

Freelance Whales

They are an indie band from New York. I know what you’re thinking, “There’s enough of those.” But I like these guys. They don’t try to be indie or hipster or anything, they just like collecting different instruments and using them to make songs.

Because of that, their songs are a mish mash of sounds that somehow come together to make a catchy song. And c’mon, they regularly use a banjo, how awesome is that? They can sound techno-y and then shift to sounding old time-y, in the same song. Freelance Whales does manage to be genuinely unique rather than being different for the sake of being different.

…Okay, that video was pretty indie.

But I still like their music. At the moment, however, they only have one album out. But it’s one good album.