where’s zelda 64?

27 Nov

I promise you that this project isn’t dead or anything of the sort.

We had been working on porting it to work with a different graphics engine, but now it seems we are switching once again? Either way, essentially, the game has been remade several times as we find the most suitable engine.

I can’t give a real estimate of when it’ll be back to the point we were at, but hopefully progress should start speeding up once again when finals are over. The beginning should really be the only time where there’s big delays and a whole lot of nothing. See, the programmer in our little twosome plans to make a… create-your-own-dungeon kit. The original idea was to make it so I can use it to design the dungeons as he does whatever else needs to be done. We figured, though, why not release this kit so people can create their own LoZ dungeons and post them or download other people’s dungeons for some extra content.

Hopefully that makes up for the delay?

Just be glad I’m not the programmer, I’ve been spending all my time on Skyrim and Skyward Sword.


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