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anaglyph images

9 May

Anaglyph, if you didn’t know, is the classic red and blue 3D. Remember those days?

For a quick lesson: It uses 2 images, a left eye and a right eye image. They are placed offset from each other with some parts made with a red/cyan hue. Those end up getting filtered out for one eye when wearing those special glasses, thus producing the 3D affect when the 2 different images each of your eyes see get combined.

As a part of a classified project, my partner in crime and I have gotten a hold of cheap 3D glasses and have just been having fun looking at all the anaglyph images we find. A lot of them are quite awesome, so if you happen to have an old pair of glasses lying around somewhere, you should check these out~

(Click the images for their sources.)

If you want to see a whole deviantart gallery full of pretty awesome ones, click here.