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a few important notes

19 Mar

So we found out that the feedback app for Zelda 64 hasn’t been working properly and we wanted to let everyone know that it should work now. I don’t know how many people (if anyone) have tried to send feedback with it, but if there was something you wanted to send then you can now. As a reminder though, our email’s mcogre64@gmail.com, so you could drop us a message that way as well.

The other thing: we had two separate people bring up our project to us in real life. Without knowing we’re the ones making it. That’s really great (and a little weird, small world I guess), but they both found the project on different sites. I really have no problem with people posting up the project up elsewhere.

In fact, please do.

I would just prefer it if you either let us know you’re doing it or provide a link to this blog.

Honestly, I’m just saying this because it’s really bothering me that I don’t know where it’s getting posted and I just want to know how much it’s spreading.

Thanks guys.


zelda 64: episode 0

29 Jul

Episode 0


So you may be wondering why it’s called episode 0…

Well that’s because there’s no gameplay.

It consists of an unfinished title screen, the file select menus, and the feedback system. Yeah, that sounds boring, unexciting, and not worth a release, but we’re doing it for a reason.

At least it's an interesting menu?

This episode will serve as a test. We’re releasing the game as something called a “clickonce” application. As you can gather from the name, you’ll only have to download it once. It will automatically install everything you need for the game, as well as keep itself up to date. It’ll check for new episodes regularly and update itself when they’re available.

In IE, when you click the “download” link, it will automatically open up the app, prompting you to install. In every other browser, you’ll probably have to first download it, then open it to install. Either way, when you do it’ll install .NET 4.0 and XNA 4.0 if you don’t have them. Both are necessary to play the game.

Overall, clickonce will make everything easier for both us and all of you playing the game, so don’t freak out because it’s something mysterious and new.

Trust me, it’s easier.

But anyway, this release is to test how the game will install and run on other people’s computers. We want to fix any problems it has running early on. So please report any problems, bugs, glitches, and whatnot. And if you’d like, then let us know what you think of the early design choices.

Thanks everyone!